Natixis is a leading full-service commercial real estate lender engaged in originating, purchasing and securitizing commercial mortgage loans through its New York and Los Angeles Platforms.


    Our Group:

    • Provides quick feedback, competitive pricing and efficient closing through our seamlessly integrated in-house team (originations, capital markets, loan structuring and asset management).
    • Offers fixed-rate loans through our CMBS program and floating-rate loans through our portfolio lending program, backed by the second-largest banking group in France.
    • Has the capability to season fixed-rate loans in our portfolio for up to one year.
    • Has the flexibility to underwrite the full capital stack including B-note and mezzanine positions.
    • Sources its loans through direct relationships and through a diverse list of mortgage brokers.
    • Consists of 48 front office members supported by significant infrastructure.
    • Serves clients with a dedicated experienced team (senior executives average more than 10 years working at Natixis and over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate).

    Key Numbers:

    • Over $35 billion loans originated since 1999
    • Over $6.7 billion of portfolio lending since 2009
    • Over $18 billion of fixed- and floating-rate commercial real estate loans securitized since 1999
    • Over $2.5 billion securitized in 2015
    • No. 11 in loan contributions to US conduit CMBS in 2015 (Source: Commercial Mortgage Alert)
    • No. 9 in loan contributions to US conduit CMBS in First Three Quarters of 2016 (Source: Commercial Mortgage Alert)


    Eligible Locations Nationwide Nationwide
    Eligible Property Types All income-producing property types All property types
    Loan type Senior mortgage and mezzanine  Senior mortgage and mezzanine 
    Loan Amount  $2 million and up  $20 million and up 

    Future funding / earn-out 

    Case by case basis 

    Future funding available based on business plan 

    Loan -to-Value  Up to 85% 

    Up to 85% 

    Interest Rate 3.50 to 5.50% LIBOR + $1.75% to 6.00%
    DSCR  1.25x on Natixis underwritten net cash flow  To be determined on a deal by deal basis
    Loan term  5 to 10 years  2 to 5 years

    Typically 30 year (interest only on select basis) 

    Interest only 

    $5,000-$15,000 Processing Fee

    Origination fee and exit fee (waived with Natixis refinancing)


    Creditworthy individual(s) or entity acceptable to Lender with sufficient liquidity and net worth

    Creditworthy individual(s) or entity
    acceptable to Lender with sufficient liquidity
    and net worth

    Borrowing entity Special Purpose Entity  Special Purpose Entity
    Recourse  Non-recourse (standard carve-outs) Non-recourse (standard carve-outs) 

    Tax, Insurance and Replacement Reserves required


    Tax, Insurance and Replacement Reserves


    Lockout followed by defeasance or yield


    Yield maintenance with flexible prepayment conditions